How can Blockchain revolutionize the proof of existence of IP assets protected by an unregistered IP right worldwide?

We strongly believe that Blockchain technology can reinforce the actual protection that IP assets may benefit from. We would like to share this conviction with as many contributing firms as possible and with a lot of supporters such as companies, professors or universities, on a global scale.

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Universities/ Schools

  • Iris Barsan
  • Jean-Bernard Auby
  • Pierre Berlioz
  • Nicolas Binctin
  • Jean Michel Bruguière
  • Jean-Christophe Galloux
  • Thibault Labbé
  • André Lucas
  • Mustapha Mekki
  • Yves Reboul
  • Hossein Shekarchi
  • Denis Simon
  • Celia Zolynski


  • Alice Barbet-Massin
  • Thomas Bocquet
  • Jean-Daniel Bouhenic
  • Sébastien Drillon
  • Frédéric Dumont
  • Philippe Gilliéron
  • Sidy Juste
  • Eléonore Mirat

Blockchain Experts

  • Vincent Barrat
  • Gilles Cadignan
  • Bilal El Alamy
  • Clément Pansard
  • Benoit Defamie
  • Martin Della Chiesa
  • François Hiault
  • Clément Tequi


  • Julien Aubert
  • Valéria Faure-Muntain
  • Jean-Michel MIS


  • Félix Aknin
  • Adrien Aing
  • Tristan Lucas


  • Maximilien Chayrigues
  • Jérôme Legrain

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