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BlockchainyourIP has been a game changer in our approach to dating and securing our Maisons’  creations from birth and through their gestation when they are at their most vulnerable.

Convinced and informed, the BlockchainyourIP team was able to translate the benefits of the blockchain technology in complementing a global IP strategy and convinced us to explore and come on board. They have shown and continues to show
extraordinary client service, taking on feedback to enhance BlockchainyourIP and to deliver an optimal tool which brings value to our business every day.

In a nutshell, the acronym of BCYIP says it all:

B is for Brilliant, Bold, Business minded
C is for Curious, Change-driven, Considered, Client Centric
Y is for Youthful, Yare, Yern
I is for Interested, intelligible, Informed, Inspiring
P is for Professional, Passionate, Proficient, Participative
Olivia – Responsable IP adjoint
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